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Il Bosco di Grazia

This mother-and-daughters-run farm produces hearty Brunello wines with an elegant and feminine note in every sip.

Il Bosco di Grazia is a small family-run farm, managed by sisters Elisabetta and Giulia Rubegni, with their mother Maria Grazia. Grazia means grace in Italian and from this matriarch the winery takes its name: Il Bosco di Grazia (Grazia’s Forest). The name celebrates Mamma Grazia and the graceful wooded land bordering the vineyard.

Taking root

The paternal grandparents Assunta and Guido Rubegni bought the farm in 1952, restored it and began cultivating the land with their children. Papà Ofelio, Zio Angiolino and Mamma Grazia planted their first vineyard acre in 1971, producing wine for the family, then selling a small amount to relatives and friends.

Brunello is born

In 1999, Elisabetta and Giulia planted new vineyards and restored the small cellar to produce their first Brunello. Over the years, the business has grown, giving birth to a small farmhouse a few years ago. DOCG Imports carries their Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, Rosso di Montalcino DOC and Rosato Toscana IGT.

Elisabetta points out, "The Brunello di Montalcino is a very complex, and sometimes austere wine, but we want our wines to have an elegant and feminine note that can be found in every sip."


Today, the construction of a new cellar has begun, which will allow the sisters to process and age all the grapes harvested, from the vineyard to the bottle, doubling their current wine production. Il Bosco di Grazia will be fully certified as an organic farm next year in keeping with their business philosophy that production must respect nature and its production cycles.

Hand picked

The position of the vineyards, southwest of Montalcino, is favored by its proximity to Mount Amiata. Sitting at 300 meters above sea level, the mild climate is favorable for grape maturation. The soil is predominantly a crumbly marl called “galestro,” richly fragmented with rock.

The rigorous grape selection is done manually and the vineyard is planned for red or Brunello. This involves the sisters’ constant presence in the fermentation phase where autochthonous yeasts start the true transformation of the grapes.

Their love, attention and dedication continues during the pressing, which Elisabetta and Giulia carry out personally in order to confirm what juice will be their prized and limited production of Brunello and what will be destined to become Rosso. 

The transfer to wooden barrels marks the beginning of the refinement step, which is monitored by tastings at necessary intervals during the aging process, controlling the evolution and quality step by step over the refinement years.

Every step of the process is infused with love, passion and their delicate care, ensuring the excellence of their final products.

Love for grapes

The wine-making process is hard work. It takes serious dedication and attention to all details. Not to mention that a bit of luck is needed each year between the wind, rain and sun. Each element brings a variable into that year’s vintage. It’s the people behind these wines that make them especially great; their dedication and passion comes through in every sip. 

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Il Bosco di Grazia Wines
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