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Tenute Olbios

Beachy ocean breezes and granite-rich soil create the right conditions for Sardegna’s
only DOCG varietal, Vermentino di Gallura

Taking root in Sardegna

Tenute Olbios was established in 2003 by Daniela Pinna and her husband David Mele. The vineyards were planted over 45 years ago by Daniela's grandfather, then entirely converted to the production of the Vermentino di Gallura by Daniela’s father, Luigi. The production was originally limited to farming and the grapes were sold to big wineries, as was the case with the majority of grape producers in Sardegna.

The winemaker was awarded the 2017 Cangrande “Angelo Betti Prize,” a very prestigious award in and of itself, but this is also the first time a female Sardegnan wine maker was recognized.

Branching out on her own

However, Daniela decided to change all that. Her interest has alwaysbeen in winemaking. After completing her studies in agronomy and oenology, followed by years of practice as a university researcher, she finally committed to winemaking solely from the grapes grown on her vineyard.

Daniela personally attends to the different production processes, which follow the highest quality standards – even small details are taken care of with maximum attention. Her approach is deeply rooted in tradition, yet embraces modernity and constant research and development.

Growing the only DOCG varietal in Sardegna –
Vermentino di Gallura DOCG

Tenute Olbios is located in Gallura on the northeast side of Sardegna. The territory is particularly favorable to the production of the Vermentino white grape variety and has acquired the only DOCG of Sardegna: Vermentino di Gallura DOCG.

This is the only grape denomination in the world where Vermentino is the main grape variety. The territory’s characteristic soil, which is rich in granite, provides Vermentino di Gallura wines with natural and prominent minerals, acidity and salinity. The micro-climate of the area, the proximity to the sea just few miles away, and the constant salty sea breeze, have a positive impact on Tenute Olbios’s farming and wine production.  

Despite Vermentino dominating the majority of the region’s wine production, the production of red wines with autochthonous grapes is also remarkable and distinctive.

Innovating new techniques with hand-crafted care

Daniela’s research brought a remarkable technical innovation to the bottle-closure system. Tenute Olbios was one of the first wineries in the world to introduce the “crystal stopper,” which preserves the wine at its best and considerably reduces sulfites.

The vineyard is farmed following the integrated farming system, which means there is very limited intervention of the plants and uses only products that are allowed by organic farming guidelines:

Herbicides are not used in the fields

  • The soil is only worked with very gentle plowing

  • The plants are not irrigated, which forces them to grow and develop longer roots to find water (longer roots absorb more minerals from the soil)

  • Harvesting and pruning are done by hand

  • All the winemaking processes are done on the estate and only use grapes from the vineyard

  • No animal products are used at any stage of the production

  • Tenute Olbios wines are 100% vegan

Connecting styles and dreams

When I met Daniela I immediately realized she is the type of person I enjoy working with. She is tenacious, hard-working and always seeks new ideas to ensure her business and products are the finest she can offer.

We connected with our working styles and our passion to bring excellent DOCG wines to the world. I’m starting with California!

Contact Marina to bring these Sardegna’s only DOCG varietal to your restaurant or shop our wine store to bring them to your home table.


 All of Tenute Olbios’ wines vegan-certified.


Tenute Olbios Wines
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