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Two Homes – One Heart For Italian Wines

Local charm, character and excellent food and wine define DOCG Imports.

Two Homes
With one foot in San Diego, California and the other in Sardegna, Italy, DOCG Imports has two homes. Both evoke the company’s belief in searching for excellent and currently unknown products and experiences. DOCG Imports only brings the best hand-crafted, small-production, family-made Italian wines to California. Wines are available for wholesale and online retail sale. Contact Marina to open a wholesale account.

One Heart For Italian Wines
Owner Marina Elettra Snow (aka "Nina") is a California native from San Diego who has lived in Rome, Sardegna and Venice, Italy for the over 15 years. With Italian family roots in Tuscany, she’s grown up with a love of amazing food and is currently living the dream between California and Italy.

With a local’s eye and palette for the Italian lifestyle, she’s discovered wines that are virtually unknown in the U.S. Regional, boutique wines that, until now, are undiscovered in California. And she’s hand-picking her favorites and sharing them with you through DOCG Imports.

Through Marina's search for the top Italian wines, clients have access to exclusive and rare finds that would make an impressive addition to any cellar or dinner party:

  • DOCG-certified wines

  • DOC-certified wines

  • IGT-certified wines

  • DOCG Prosecco

  • Classic-method sparkling wines

How does Marina know how to select delicious Italian wines? She has:

  • A FISAR-certified, second-level sommelier education from Federazione Italiana Sommelier – Albergatori Ristoranti

  • Over 15 years of professional food and beverage management experience in Italy for executive and VIP events and entertainment

  • Extensive experience with the best restaurants in Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Sardegna and Cortina, as well as immediate access to Italy’s amazing wine regions and producers

  • A true foodie’s love for flavors and aromas from the kitchen and vineyard

If you search for unique products and experiences in your life, let DOCG Imports bring the finest local Italian wines to your table, imported exclusively to California.

Contact Marina to open a wholesale account or browse our wine store now.