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Rubinelli Vajol

Nina's Notes

Nina Snow of DOCG Imports in the wine vineyard
Veneto wine region highlighted in pink on a map of Italy
Veneto wine region highlighted in pink on a map of Italy

The Gems of Veneto

When Petra and I left San Diego in April for Vinitaly (Italian international wine exhibition) we had one main goal - to find new producers from the distinguished Veneto wine region in the rolling hills of north eastern Italy. Our mission was to find varietals that were consistent with the high standards of our current portfolio. Our focus was on finding an exceptional new producer of Amarone, Valpolicella, Ripasso and Recioto. Over the years I have spent some magical moments traveling to Veneto and tasting wines. I was introduced to a number Rubinelli Vajol wines and they became some of my favorite bottles to enjoy when dining in Verona.

With my history of enjoying Vajol wines as a backdrop, it was natural that on this visit we wanted to schedule a tour of the winery... and so it happened. Owner Michela Scienza came to pick us up and took us to his property, It brought back great memories of a visit I had made there years ago. Petra and I toured the cellar, the "appassimento" room and savored the wines. The decision was made there and then, not to look any further. We had indeed found a perfect match for us! Now we are very proud to introduce these new gems to you all! 

Bottles of Rubinelli Vajol wine lined up on a table under a poster of a photo from 1958 celebrating 60 years

Set between the thousand-year-old Pieve di San Floriano and San Pietro in Cariano, the main municipality of Valpolicella classica, the Vajol farmland unfolds to the eye in a splendid valley of 10 hectares of vineyards, all south facing: a perfect harmony of sloping fields and hills with the house, wine cellar and fruttaio (drying lofts) set at the centre. The northern fields border on the territory of Comune di Fumane and Marano.

All the grapes come exclusively from the fields around Corte Sant'Anna, this gives a particular uniqueness to our wine and makes it unmistakable: wine born on tuff rock. Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella are the varieties we use the most with a small quantity of Molinara and Oseleta.

Winemaking Philosophy

The land of Vajol is located in the centre of Valpolicella. The charm of our country house, our cellars, of the Corte of Sant’Anna, and the village of Vajol, the landscape covered in vineyards, defined by brick walls, decorated by olive trees, and cherry blossoms and almond trees, is the very essence of Valpolicella’s classical beauty.

Our delicious wine, a sublime nectar produced by our grapes, contains a sweet secret stored in the heart of Valpolicella: a slow time, during which our grapes mature in the valley kissed by the sun, and protected by the rolling hills. The correct time for the grapes to rest and finally enjoy sleepy dreams inside great oak barrels, in the cool cellar built into the side of the mountain. 

Terroir del Vajol

Once upon a time the sea was here – imagine a sunny bay. The soil is very calcareous, ideal for moderating the vines’ natural vigour. Limestone also has sponge-like qualities, the capacity to hold water for long periods and release it only when the plants need it, always keeping the berries well hydrated. The soil is thin but rich in organic substances, permitting the vines to live in perfect nutritional balance. Rubinelli Vajol wines are born in the soil before they even reach the wine cellar.

Vineyard Care

To protect the environment, the consumer's health and our own, all weedkillers and synthetic fertilizers have been eliminated. These have been replaced with mechanical weeding and green manure so as to respect and exalt the natural characteristics of the terrain. We have undertaken a system of sowing based on green manure, using more than 20 herbaceous and leguminous extracts between the rows and surrounding soil at the time of flowering, thus generating an increase in organic substances.

Our Rich History

After having projected and built the Chievo Dam along the River Adige, thus supplying electricity to all the Veronese Industries at the beginning of the century, Gaetano Rubinelli, the founder of a family which has lived in Valpolicella for generations, bought this lovely country place, fascinated by its perfect setting, and location in the heart of Valpolicella. During the years the Rubinelli family decide to begin their own production of wine, and thus their dream of expressing the delicacy and excellence of the product of their land, came true! High quality grapes, thanks to growth and maturation in an ideal setting: the soil... the sun..., and the gentle climate and soft breeze of Conca del Vajol.

Producer - Rubinelli Vajol

Rubinelli Vajol Wines

All the grapes come exclusively from the fields around Corte Sant'Anna, this gives a particular uniqueness to Rubinelli Vajol wines and makes them unmistakable: wine born on tuff rock. Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella are the varieties used the most with a small quantity of Molinara and Oseleta.

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