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Marina Elettra Snow
April 24, 2020 | Marina Elettra Snow

What is Natural Wine?

What is natural wine and what are the certifications revolving around them?

There isn't a certification for natural wine. The only country that has adopted one is France. I believe other countries will follow suit, but at the moment, there is no actual certification for natural wine. So it really comes down to knowing the winemaker, knowing the importer, and getting details around how those wines are made. 

There are basically 5 key components to what makes a natural wine:

1- Small and independent producers

First and foremost, they typically come from small independent producers. And with DOCG Imports producers they are small, family-owned wineries and I know the winemakers personally, so I can put my hand on the fire and tell you how the wines are made. 

2- Sustainable, Integrated, Organic and Biodynamic

They are typically from sustainable, integrated, organic, or biodynamic farms. These are areas that are certified so you can find certifications for most wineries. Sustainable and integrated being environment-friendly, producers, and then, of course, organic and biodynamic practices as well, which carry through to the winemaking process. 

3- NO machines in the harvesting

Handpick the grapes to make the wine and no use of machines to the harvesting

4- Native Yeast

The fermentation process is made with native yeasts. This is perhaps, the most important component of what makes natural wine. Only native yeast that is present already in the juice is used for the fermentation process. The addition of any chemicals or any sort of what they called "selected yeasts" would disqualify them from being a natural wine. 

5- Sulfites

As many as you know sulfites are naturally present in wines. However, the addition of sulfites, which is commonly used as a preservative, sometimes people react badly to that. They may cause headaches and even some allergy-type symptoms. In a natural wine, you will not find that, because it does not contain added sulfites. 
All of these components are basically what makes a natural wine.  Although no formal certification exists in most winemaking countries, there are things to look for when you want to choose a natural wine.  I'm proud to say that all DOCG Import wines are natural!! Go to our online shop to find your perfect natural wine -> www.
Ciao for now! (:


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